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PLSC 258/PRLW 2500: The U.S. Criminal Justice System

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Searching for Books & Ebooks

Using the Advanced Search option, you can search by:

  • Any Field [This options searches all parts of the catalog record, including the item description]
    Choose the best keywords to describe your topic and combine them using AND
  • Title
    Type in the exact title of the book, or the first few words of the title
  • Author
    Type in the author's Last Name, First Name
  • Subject
    You MUST use official Library of Congress Subject Heading to search by subject

Can"t Find What You're Looking For?

Find the Subject Headings of a Book

  • Scroll down to the book "Details" section in the library catalog.
  • Find the linked subject headings listed beside the "Subject" label.
  • Use the links to see a list of all books in the library with the same subject heading.