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Electronic resources are available to PC students, faculty, and staff from both on and off-campus locations. To access resources from off campus:

• Select a database, e-journal, or e-book.
• Log in with your PC printing username and password (this should be the same as your Moodle login)
• Keep your browser open to connect to other e-resources without logging in again.
• For problems, please see troubleshooting tips below or call (864) 833-7026 or (864) 833-7080.


Troubleshooting Tips

• Try accessing the database from a different link on the web site. You must access the databases through the Library website, however.
• Shut down your browser (i.e.Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.) and try again or use a different browser.
• Sometimes files in your cache will prevent you from loading new pages. Try clearing the cache on your computer:

Google Chrome:  History>>>Select Clear Browsing Data>>>In Obliterate the Following Items from, select Beginning of Time>>>Check Everything Listed>>>Click the Clear Browsing Data button

Internet Explorer:  Tools>>>Select Internet Options>>>Select General Tab>>>In Browsing History, select the Delete button>>>Select all items listed and hit Delete>>>Then click on Apply>>>Finally, click OK

Mozilla Firefox:  Tools>>>Select Options>>>Select Privacy Tab>>>In History, Select Clear All Current History>>>Select Everything for the Time Range to Clear>>>Under Details, select all items in the list>>>Click the Clear Now button>>>Finally, click OK

Safari:  Edit>>>Select Empty Cache>>>Click on Empty>>>Click History>>>Select Clear History

• Try again later – the subscription service may have a temporary problem.
• Make sure you are logging in with your PC printing username and password.
• Some of our databases require pop-up windows to function properly. If you have a problem after connecting, try enabling pop-up windows on your computer.