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NY Times Online

All PC undergraduate students, faculty, and staff have FREE access to the New York Times online!  This includes use of the NYTimes mobile app, so you can easily keep up with the news via your smart phone!

Here are instructions on how to set up your account.


You can browse and search NYTimes Online, which is continually updated, or you can view a digital copy of the day's newspaper by selecting the today's paper link in the header:


Wall Street Journal

All PC students have FREE access to the Wall Street Journal Online!  See our guide for information on how to create your free account.

  • The Wall Street Journal is indexed in Nexis Uni (NO full text access).  To search the Wall Street Journal index:
    • Go to the Nexis Uni database
    • Do an Advanced Search
    • In the Select a specific content type dropdown menu, select News
    • Enter your search terms and click on Add
    • Scroll down to the Publication field, enter Wall Street Journal
    • Click on Search
  • Indexing only, NO full-text access.
  • September 1994 - January 2016.
  • Use the "Search within this publication" to search by keyword or select a date on the right to browse all articles in a specific issue.

The Washington Post

The Washington Post is available at PC through the following database:

  • Full-text available from 2003 - present [with a few day delay].
  • In the advanced search, you can limit by publication title.
  • Or, using the "publications" tab, search for The Washington Post to access articles by publication date.

Other Current News

International News

Historical News

Clinton Chronicle

Thomason Library has microfilm of The Clinton Chronicle from 1919-2013.  You can also get online access at the link below:

The Clothmaker

The Clothmaker was the official newspaper of Lydia and Clinton Mills.  You can access it at the link below: