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      Advanced Search
      Advanced Search

Searching the Library Catalog

Using the Advanced Search option, you can search by:

  • Any Field [This options searches all parts of the catalog record, including the item description]
    Choose the best keywords to describe your topic and combine them using AND
  • Title
    Type in the exact title of the book, or the first few words of the title
  • Author
    Type in the author's Last Name, First Name
  • Subject
    You MUST use official Library of Congress Subject Heading to search by subject

Dewey Decimal Classification System

000  Generalities
100  Philosophy and Psychology
200  Religion
300  Social Sciences
400  Language
500  Natural Sciences & Mathematics
600  Technology (Applied Sciences)
700  The Arts
800  Literature & Rhetoric
900  Geography & History

Find Books in the Library

You'll need to have the location and the call number in order to find a book in the library.  Also, be sure to check the status to make sure the book is available.

  • The location indicates where in the library you will find the book
  • The call number tells you where on the shelf you will find the book
  • The status indicates the availability of the book: 

How to Read a Call Number

An explanation of how Dewey Decimal call numbers are sorted follows.  All examples appear in the correct order:

The first line is sorted numerically by whole number:
808     814     821     826

The second part of the first line may also contain a decimal component:
808.12     808.124     808.15     808.34     808.9

The second line is sorted alphabetically.  The letter(s) may be followed by a number, which should be treated as a decimal.
808       808      808        808     808
A435    A5        M279     P40     P407

The second part of the second line may also include additional letters at the end.  These are sorted alphabetically.
808            808                808               808             808

A435la       A435wo         M27m           M279m       M279u