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HIST 3446: World War I

Primary Sources

Streaming Film

Searching for Primary Sources

Primary Sources are generally defined as first-hand accounts of an event and are an original work, not derived from other sources.  They may be first-person accounts, such as diaries, letters, memoirs, or interviews.  Official government or court records can be primary documents.  Visual records, such as paintings or photographs, as well as films, television programs, and even advertisements may be considered primary documents.  

Look for primary sources in the Library Catalog, the PASCAL Catalog, and other library catalogs by using the following keywords in combination with other search terms relevant to your topic:

  • sources
  • diaries
  • letters
  • correspondence
  • oral histories
  • personal narratives
  • interview(s)
  • speech(es)

*Combine these terms with your topic keyword(s) and search!

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