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The Clothmaker

The Clothmaker

The Clothmaker served as a weekly newspaper for the Clinton and Lydia Mills community from 1952 to the 1990s. This paper is searchable online from 1952 to 1984.

Browsing The Clothmaker

  1. Visit The Clothmaker to browse available issues.
  2. Select Browse By Title in the dropdown menu
  3. Select the title.  *Be sure to select The Clothmaker (Clinton, South Carolina), rather than Clinton Mills clothmaker.
  4. Click on Calendar View icon to view issues by date.  You will then be taken to the issues for 1952.
  5. Click on the Issues For dropdown menu to select the year you are interested in viewing (e.g.1962).



  1. Next, select a week that you are interested in viewing.  The first page of that issue will then be displayed. The navigation icons appear at the top left of the page. Below is an example of Page (previous or next).



*There is also an icon for Issue (previous or next) which will take you to the first page of the next week's edition.