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Citing Reference FAQ's

What are Citing References?

Citing References refer to books or articles that were published after an original source and cite it in their bibliography.  Using citing references allows you to move forward in the research process to find more recent sources that expand on the findings in the original source.  

[When you look at sources cited [bibliography or references] in a book or article, you are moving backwards in the research process, finding older sources that the author(s) used to support their research.]

Why would I want to look at Citing References?

Citing References will lead you to more current research on your topic! 

How can I find Citing References?

A few of the library's databases provide citing references, but the easiest place to find citing references is Google Scholar.  Search Google Scholar for the title of the work.  Look for the "cited by" link under the title and brief description. [See image to the right for visual instructions.]

Google Scholar Search

Find Citing References in Google Scholar