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Downloading Images in Artstor

In order to download images from Artstor, users MUST create a free account.

  • Navigate to the Artstor home page [you'll find a link below as well as links on the Databases A-Z list and relevant research guides].
  • Click on Enter Artstor Digital Library

  • Next, in the top right corner, you will be given the option to log in or register
  • Or, if you don't log in initially, when you try to download an image, you will be prompted to log in or register

Downloading a Group to Powerpoint

Once you have created a group of images [see instructions on this page], you can download them to a powerpoint presentation

  • Log in to Artstor and open a group
  • Click download on the utility bar

  • The export/download guidelines [pop-up box] will alert you to the number of downloads you have available
  • Select Download PPT

Saving Images to Your Image Group in Artstor

Once you are logged in, you can save images to a private image group:

  • Once you have selected an image of interest, click on Add to Group


  • You will then be prompted to either select a group that you have already created or create a new group

Need More Help?

If you have more questions, try using Artstor's support material:

There is a Chat Service available from 10:00am - 4:45pm EST too!  Look in the bottom right corner for the Chat Box!

Still need help?