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Affordable Textbooks at PC

Affordable Textbooks, E-books, and Course Materials

Affordable learning resources are quality, low-cost or no-cost educational resources that encourage student success while lowering student costs.  These resources can include library-licensed resources, open educational resources (OER), and items freely available or in the public domain. Using no-cost materials in class can be highly beneficial to students! For more details on how textbook costs affect our students, see the report below.

While library subscription resources are not OER and may come with copyright and licensing restrictions, using materials available through the library can save your students money. The PC library offers e-books, databases, and journals that are easily accessible for students. If you'd like help locating library content to use in a class, please contact Jillian Collier. For more info how on to link library resources in your Brightspace course, see the Linking to Library Resources page.

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More about OERs

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are educational materials offered freely and openly for anyone to use.  Most licenses allow resources to be shared, remixed or customized for your class.  Open educational resources include textbooks, full courses, course materials, modules, streaming videos, tests, software, and any other resources used to support access to knowledge.  If you would like help finding OERs for your class, please contact Jillian Collier.

The OER Repositories page has links to resources where you can find OER materials for your classes.

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