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Linking to Library Resources

Whether you are linking library materials in Brightspace or in an email to your students, it is important to use what's called a permalink. Permalinks, aka permanent links, stable URLs, or stable links, ensure that when students use the link, they will be taken to the exact webpage or resource that you intended. Permalinks also provide access to a subscription resource when a user is off-campus.  Using permalinks is different than copying and pasting the URL from the address bar of your browser; those URLs can change and potentially send students to the wrong place. See the guides below on how to locate permalinks in library resources.

If you can't find a permalink for a specific resource, email us with as much information as possible about the item [a full citation if possible], and we will create a permanent link to the resource.

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Ebooks in the Library Catalog



Linking to specific articles will vary depending on the database, but most of our databases will have a similar permalink tool as shown below.

If you have any questions, or need help finding a link, please contact us!


Films on Demand

  • Access Films on Demand through the Database A-Z list
  • Search for the title of the film you want to share with students
  • Select the Share icon
  • Select Embed/Link
  • Copy the Desired Link
  • Add the link to your Moodle course
  • There are Record URLs, which link to the complete film, and segment URLs, which link to a specific segment of a film, so make sure you grab the one you want.


  • Access Kanopy through the Database A-Z list on the library website
  • Find the film and select it
  • Select the Share button
  • Copy the link provided