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Saving a Copy of Your Library

  • To back up your Zotero library, you will need to locate the Zotero Data Directory, where your Zotero library is stored on your computer.
  • To do this, open Preferences via the Gear menu. 
  • Next, select the Advanced tab and then the Files and Folders sub-tab.
  • Now, select the Show data directory button.

  • Your data directory will now be open.
  • Reduce, BUT DO NOT CLOSE, the data directory window.
  • Next, close Zotero and Firefox [It is not enough to just close the Firefox window, you must exit Firefox via the top menu.]
  • Now, go back to the data directory window.  You may need to move to the next higher level in the file directory in order to find the Zotero folder.

  • Once you find the Zotero folder, copy it.

  • Finally, paste the Zotero folder to another location, such as a flash drive.
  • You have successfully backed up your Zotero Library.

**Warning: Exporting and importing your library (for instance via Zotero RDF) is not a recommended option. None of the available export formats allow for a complete transfer of your library data.