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Logging Out of Your Zotero Account

If you are accessing your Zotero Library on a public computer, you will need to log out and delete your files in order to protect your Library.  The process to log out of your Zotero account is nearly identical to the process of saving your Zotero Library, so if you get confused, please refer to the screen shots on that page of the guide.

*Please note that this is a 2 part process!

*MAKE SURE you sync your library [by clicking on the green circular arrow button] or save it to a flash drive before going through this process!  Otherwise, you will LOSE ALL OF YOU INFORMATION!

Log Out of Zotero:

  • Open preferences via the gear menu.
  • Select the sync tab.
  • Delete your Zotero account information [username and password].

Delete Your Files on a Public Computer:

  • Open preferences via the gear menu.
  • Select the advanced tab.
  • Select the files and folders sub-tab.
  • Click the show data directory button.
  • Your data directory will now be open.
  • Reduce, BUT DO NOT CLOSE, the data directory window.
  • Next, exit Zotero and Firefox [It is not enough to just close the Firefox window, you MUST exit Firefox via the top menu].
  • Now, go back to the data directory window.  You may need to move to the next higher level in the file directory [using the cookie crumbs] in order to find the Zotero folder.
  • Once you find the Zotero folder, drag and drop it into the trash.